Photography Policy

The Football Association of Wales understands and empathizes that parents/guardians may wish to celebrate their child’s achievements on the field of play by capturing images or videos to this effect and that footage can be a useful training tool for organizations.

However, the welfare of the children involved must always be the paramount consideration and as such, appropriate and proportionate safeguards must be in place.

There are inherent risks in publishing personal information about children in that it can lead to being able to identify the child and their location, or it is possible that images may be subject to inappropriate use.

It is important to remember that it is not an offence for anyone to take a photograph or film on public land, even if they are asked not to do so. If training or matches take place on private land, it is up to the land or facility owner whether they will permit photography or filming to take place.

The Football Association of Wales recommends that the following general steps are in place at training sessions and matches to ensure the safety of all children:

- Ensure consent for the child to be photographed/filmed is obtained from both the parent/guardian and the child concerned, by using the appropriate consent form. It may be useful to gather this at the start of each season.

- Where possible, do not include the name of the child in an image/video, and surnames should certainly not be used nor should additional detailed information about the child.

- Ensure that children are appropriately dressed and that they are wearing suitable safety kit such as shin pads.

- If a child within your club is subject to care proceedings, ensure that their image is not placed in the public domain.

- Only allow images to be taken on the field of play. Photographing/filming should not take place in changing rooms, showers, or toilets.

- If an individual who is filming/photographing presents a serious concern or an immediate nature, please report the issue to your local police force and the FAW Safeguarding Team.
Guidance for parents, guardians & other spectators

- Provide parents/guardians with contact information for the Club Safeguarding Officer and FAW Safeguarding Manager should they have any concerns over the images being used inappropriately.

- Spectators should request permission from the coach/club safeguarding officer prior to photographing/filming a match or training session. It may be useful to provide them with a
sticker to show that permission has been given.

- Spectators should be made aware of the organizations’ expectations with regards to the photographing & filming of matches and the safeguards that must be adhered to.

- Spectators should have signed up to the ‘Spectator Code of Conduct’ available from

- Notices should be visible at matches or training sessions with the following wording:

“In line with the recommendations of the Football Association of Wales, club name request that any person wishing to engage in any video, zoom or close-range photography should register
their details with club personnel before carrying out any such photography. If parents have any particular concern about their young person being photographed or filmed they should notify the

The promoter reserves the right to decline entry to any person unable to meet or abide by the
promoter's conditions.

Guidance if using Professional Photographers
- Photographers’ should be made aware of the organizations’ expectations with regards to photography and filming and the safeguards that must be adhered to.

- Photographers’ should not be left unsupervised with children or permitted to take part in a one to one session with a child.

- Parents/guardians should be informed in advance of the attendance of a professional photographer, along with guidance as to what the images will be used for.

- Parents/guardians should be provided with information relating to the storage and retention of the images.

- If there are concerns about inappropriate behavior, these should be reported to the Club Safeguarding Officer in the first instance.

- The photographer should be provided with appropriate accreditation prior to undertaking their duties.

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