Do you fancy becoming a referee?

By League Admin

Do you want to earn more pocket money than doing a paper round every morning?

Are you aged 14 years or older??

In the local junior leagues, you can get paid from £18 a game on a Saturday morning. For the adults’ game fees start at £25 which increases the higher the league you officiate in.

The course as it stands is an online course and costs £70, this includes the online course, a full matchday referee’s kit with accessories, ie, flags, whistle, notebook, and cards.

As well as having all the above, you will have the full support from NEWFA and me in particular.

If you’re interested in becoming a referee please visit

Under the current climate with no football being played, you may find it’s the ideal opportunity to take the referee’s course as it’s online, so you don’t have contact with real people.

Email: – phone 07723051754

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