FAW First Aid & Safeguarding Awards

By League Admin


Our FAW Fist Aid Awards are now once again available and are being delivered in-person at a range of sites regionally across Wales. As we have already witnessed in this Summers Euro 2020 competition, knowledge of emergency First Aid is an essential life skill. Although all FAW qualifications have a 3-year expiry, it is deemed good practice to maintain this knowledge, and as such we would encourage all those involved in the game to ensure their training in this area remains up to date.

You may also be aware our FAW Safeguarding Award continues to be delivered online in its tutor facilitated format . This has proved to be extremely popular for those involved at all levels of the game, with this new flexible mode of delivery seemingly convenient for all whilst still maintaining maximum impact.

For further information regarding each of these Awards and all other FAW Coach Education courses please visit www.FAWcourses.com.

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